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Time change is.... time to change

I really, really, really like the time change this fall! In previous years I seemed to fight against it, complain that it’s now dark at 5:30pm, notice how much darkness to endure until bedtime, and struggle with cooking dinner and doing chores earlier. But this year something shifted. I looked forward to it. We started eating dinner at 5:00pm, I snuggle into my bed by 6:30 and turn out the lights around 7ish. Why wrestle with the darkness in the evening when I can embrace it?? The HUGE benefit to an early bedtime is my 3AM wake up time. That’s right ---- 3AM. My body knows what 8 hrs of restful sleep is and it brings me to wakefulness at 3AM. The first AM it happened I was in a thinking place…. Uhm, it’s 3AM, shouldn’t you be sleeping, it’s super early, etc. But wait. Let’s review for a moment (I talk to myself). I went to bed at 7, I’m up at 3, my body feels refreshed and energized AND I LOVE it. All is good. Why do I need to follow a “should” when I can follow what feels good to me?? Isn’t that kinda the idea??

I seriously love going to bed that early and waking in the peaceful serenity of the morning darkness. It’s so quiet and calm. It’s a time when I’m fully charged, feeling relaxed and energized. I spend from 3AM to 7AM journaling, meditating, reading, listening to inspiring audios, whatever calls to me. This is my time to fill myself up!! I feel like so many ah ha’s pop into my mind, books call me to read just the perfect page, audio notifications show up with inspirational meaning and depth and my journaling words just flow onto the page.

I am not a TV watcher so heading off to slumber (after I add a few more lines in my journal of course), is super easy for me and feels so natural. It feels like following the rhythm of the day. Granted, my children are grown, my hubby enjoys his TV time and I have the ability to make my own choices about my time. I’m in that kind of space in my life.

I don’t feel tired during the day, I don’t feel like I miss out on anything, and I have figured out how to create 4 hours of me time during the best part of my day. The adjustment allows me to pop out of bed and get my daylight day started. Honestly….. I have literally looked at the clock, noticed it’s 9AM, noted how much I’ve already accomplished and somehow felt like I created more time and an easeful flow to my day.

I wake giggling about how darned fun my 3AM wake up is and I literally feel good all over. Think about it ----- if you wake up saying I luv, luv, luv this, I really enjoy this, ahhhh this feels so good, and then savor it, it only seems logical that the rest of your day will magically emerge the same.

Try it in your own way and see what happens ;)


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