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About Me

My Awareness Journey

I still remember the day I heard a woman share what she did - an energy worker. I recall thinking - I would LOVE to do that!!

I had just received my Reiki training at the time and discovered my innate ability to communicate with animals. My curiosity then led me to Quantum Touch Energy Healing, Equine Acupressure, Self-Hypnosis, mentored Energy Work, and  Hypnotherapy certification training. It feels like I've spent years preparing for this moment, to go forward and serve others. Every book on my shelf has a title related to healing, energy, intuition, soul, awareness, guidance and connection. All these tools and experiences, waiting to come forth with some type of cohesive meaning.


I understand now.... my mission is to help you explore and discover your inner guidance and follow what you're called to do with a sense of direction and clarity.

I'm here in this moment to pay it forward.

All that I am and all I have learned is available to share with you. 

Let's get started!

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