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Reiki & Energy Work
Teens and Young Women

I'm incredibly excited to share my unique approach with you - a combination of hypnotherapy, Reiki, energy work, intuition and simple conversation.  My intent is to create an environment of safety, support and transformation to help you reach your personal goals. 


During a typical session, we utilize breathing and relaxation techniques, and guided imagery to create a state of relaxation that feels very much like day dreaming.  Your "mind chatter" is quieted and you disconnect from the outside world for awhile.  In this space of relaxation, you free yourself to examine and reprogram thoughts, uncover and shift deep core issues, and observe and release behaviors that no longer serve you.

At the core of this work is the belief that as we connect with our higher awareness within, we transform.  This is truly life changing work!

Just imagine what it will feel like to discover all that you're capable of and all you can be.  

Let's get started!
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