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SEPTEMBER 21, 2016

Self-Protection Method Using the Source Light Within

There is only one way to go about self-protection that is impenetrable and completely safe in every circumstance. That method is using the source light within us. Follow the process below:
Close your eyes and focus your attention to the very center of your being.
It will seem very dark at first as if there is nothing in there.
Project your attention further inside of yourself, down to your very CORE. There you will see or sense a tiny little light that is light golden white in color or sense a tiny warm spot.
Once you locate the little light or warm place, begin to breathe, directing your breath into the light.
Notice that with each breath that you project into this light, the light and its warmth grow larger and larger.
Keep breathing.
Eventually, the light will have filled your body and begun to overflow around the outside of your body.
Keep breathing into the light until it has created an oval field of light around you.
The light will organize into this oval shape on its own.
Once the light field has stabilized and you feel that you have achieved being completely surrounded by a field of this energy....
Intend for it to remain in place. It will.
The protective field that you have created is made out of the source light from within your particulates. Nothing of any less frequency or vibration less than the pure vibration of the source can enter into that field ---no energy, no kind of being of any kind, nothing.
Touching the Light, Meg Blackburn Losey PHD

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