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What is Transpersonal Hypnotherapy anyway??  

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy requires a willingness to explore the possibility that within each one of us is an inner wisdom and intuition that can guide us through our life experiences. At the very core of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy is the belief that as we connect with this higher awareness we transform. As we transform, we are inspired to create the life we envision for ourselves.

What is the Hypnotic state?   What isHypnosis? 

A skilled, Certified Hypnotherapist CHt utilizes breathing and relaxation techniques, and guided imagery to induce a Hypnotic state.  In the Hypnotic state, your attention is focused almost entirely within you, what is going on inside you, while your mind disconnects from the outside for awhile.  

Hypnosis is a state of consciousness you enter and leave naturally all the time during your day to day experiences. It feels very much like day dreaming, or the state between sleeping and waking.  In this state of relaxation you are more open to suggestions. Your body is relaxed, your conscious “mind chatter” is quieted and your attention is free to examine and reprogram thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that no longer serve you.


And... what do you do?


Allow me to explain my role this way......

As a Certified Hypnotherapist CHt, my role is to guide you to discover and access that voice inside you, that voice of your deep inner knowing.  The place where every answer to every question resides.  In a state of relaxed, focused awareness, we find the light of your soul.  It's sometimes covered in layers, blocked by your conscious, everyday thoughts, often blocked by pain, worry, stress or anxiety.  

Imagine what it will feel like to free that voice inside you, that inner knowing and truth.  Everything you need is right there with you.   The wisdom is within, your treasure is within.  All the external pressures, influences and programming step aside.  There is nothing more you need to do except participate and.....listen.

How comforting would it be to truly understand that all you need from life or need to know is available inside you?  Those answers effortlessly spring forth when you discover how to tap into that wisdom.

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