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Teens and Young Women

As a teen and young adult, I remember talking to my mother at length about the problems and challenges I was facing with school, relationships, friends, career, life choices, and life in general. You know what the most valuable gift I received was?? When she just LISTENED. She didn't DO anything. I found myself talking and finding the answers and solutions on my own. I just simply needed to hear myself and have the space to sort it out.

Most times you simply need someone to listen, just listen, as you talk and tease out the answers to the issues and challenges you face.  In your daily life, you encounter people who bring their own stuff to a conversation, who see things thru their own eyes and filters, who attempt to fix your issue or.... you. As an impartial guide, I'm here to allow the space for you to discover those answers and direction all on your own, because you can.  It's my job to provide you the tools and techniques to allow those golden nuggets of wisdom and guidance to unfold.  The process is entirely yours, moving at your pace, in the safety and comfort of your mind.


Within a hypnotherapy session there is an environment of safety, and of loving space and support.  When you allow yourself to be open and curious, you easily discover and connect with your true self and internal guidance. It is there for sure, simply waiting for you to become quiet enough to hear it and really listen. 

Can you imagine what it will be like to discover ALL that you are and ALL that you're capable of and ALL you can be?         Are you ready to find out?  Let's schedule a session and get started!

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