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Emotions absolutely affect the body!

Sure, you read it all the time.... you are what you think or you create what you focus on. Mentally I understand that concept of course. So how does your thinking translate into an emotion which translates into sensations in the body?

For me personally, technology is the loudest example I can offer. When I sit in front of a screen, staring and working my brain to the limit, pushing and yet resisting, while attempting to understand the vast array of options, I literally feel the energy draining from my body. It almost feels like a drain has opened and the positive, curious feeling I recently had just exited. My body feels heavy and my responses are slow and dim.

A typical response would be to push right thru it, tackle that mind problem, ignore the screams of information coming from my body. But.... why not try an experiment?

What if when I feel the overwhelm or the energy drain I STEP AWAY from the source and engage in something uplifting? Take a mental distraction break. For me the distraction activity was meditation and self hypnosis. By calming the brain and shifting the endless thoughts of frustration and confusion, clarity and calmness returned. The sensation of heaviness in my body lifted. It really was that simple. And a side benefit was, I was able to think more clearly and approach the same task from a different perspective. Ahhhhh.....relief.

I wonder for a moment, how many times a day this happens to each and every one of us? How we create the emotions and feelings in our body, completely unaware of what's really happening and choose to ignore it and push thru. And ponder for a moment, what if a person did that every day. Those emotions and responses turn into habits!

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