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Move and Flow, To and Fro

Raining, raining, raining. Savor the sound the gift presents.

I see a young slender teen in jeans and a crop top. Midsection revealed. She’s moving and flowing freely, very dancer like in her everyday movement, an expression of her freedom of self. Twisting and bending and flexible. Midriff showing. She appears carefree and completely engrossed in the moment of time as she moves about. She bends and stretches, limber and flexible. She reaches to the sun, feeling the warmth on her chest and the radiance that warms her body, just the right temperature and intensity. She has mid length brown hair that sways and moves freely as she moves. Sensing a carefreeness of her un-focus yet all her attention is complete in the moment as she is with herself alone. What is she doing I ask? She’s melding with herself and her present moment freedom to just be in the enjoyment of that moment with herself. Her body is alive and flexible. Light and moveable. She flows like chiffon in the breeze, to and fro. I get a sense of ahhhh this is delightful. And then the image and essence of her fades from my inner vision. Poof, she’s gone. And I hear… you got what you needed, let it be.

Recently I've become aware of the frequency and intensity of vivid, emotion filled dreams and my ability to close my eyes and simply note what I see. I sit following meditation, open my iPad and wireless keyboard, close my eyes, and record what I see and feel. Mmmmmm.... it does feel closely familiar to the young girl as herself, no interpretation, just flowing.


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