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Weeds - Energy Metaphor

I notice the weeds that crop up and seem to flourish in spring. I’ve made a pact with myself to pull a few out daily as I walk by. Funny, I’m thinking “that should do it” as I remove a few, thinking one and done, no more weeds. Ha! Weeds are tricky and have a cunning way of reproducing, dropping seed from the puniest plant, ensuring their continuing survival. So I stop and reflect on the weeding task. Is it just something I continually do, knowing there really is no end to the cycle of removal and subsequent seeding, sprouting, and growth once again? Do I struggle against it - damn weed, or do I simply pluck, pluck, pluck? Of course..... a metaphor for energy work. There will always be weeds that need plucking and removal (thoughts, emotions, beliefs, behaviors). Complete eradication would be a futile task. Yet we CAN manage our weeds and our experience of them with our attention and willingness to do so. Noticing the weedy, unsupportive, yuck that feels like crap thoughts. Then spend a moment in "I see you" and in the next moment, choose to weed it (replace it with another thought intentionally) Remember - snip off the top and the root system still remains (push away the thought yet it still remains as energy in the body). Strive to pull the entire weed (energy signature) and extract it by its roots (click/overlay it with another thought of your choosing). There will be continual tending, as any good gardener knows, but with attention, what you intend to flourish will.


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