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This came while I was journaling this morning.....

The daydream is a cross between a psychic reading, watching a movie and imagining. It feels real when you do it, similar to how dreams at night feel.

I notice as I watched a daydream with my son as the main character, I was simply watching - not effort creating or intending something. It was passive vs active effort. No effort at all. I wonder ---- am I influencing the quantum field by watching it happen?

This comes in.... Everything exists in energy form of pure potentiality.

So if I see it, it means I'm interacting with it. When I interact with it, it activates the energy of it. Whoa!

As I free write, this also came thru....

Release your "reality" thoughts about it. You know full well anything that anyone wants is available for them to receive when they line up with it. "The energy that creates worlds, physical form emerges from the idea" Ideas are energy and pure potentiality. When you think of something you activate the energy of the essence of it. It's on its way to you immediately. How quickly it manifest depends on how easily you let it in. Meditate and get out of the way.

So I note that again.... if I see it, it means I'm interacting with it (in my minds eye, daydream). When I interact with it, it activates the energy of it. It's like you're witnessing it and believing it as fact. It feels that real in your minds eye. That's how you "know" things and they come true. It just is. When you try to figure it out or quantify it with your brain, it slows it down.

Approach this playfully. Daydreaming is fun. Release any attachment to "making it real"

It's as real as it needs to be in the form of energy. The more you employ this, the more magical your life will become. It's not about reality, it's about BE-ality. BE with anything in its pure potential state in your mind. Then step out and go about your day. Do not look for proof or mull it over. Release it, similar to forgetting a dream upon waking. See your daydream as a colorful balloon, released and floating gently up, up, up, into the sky and out of view. Then get up and go about your day.

Remember, what you are thinking about is imagining and you are activating it. If you are in the space of imagining things NOT working well, going wrong, struggling, effort, you are playing with the energy of that reality. You must catch yourself with awareness and notice what you are "imaginating" (imagine+create=imaginate)


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