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On the Wings of Transformation

I was in my studio and just finished spending time with my magical oracle card deck “The Enchanted Map”. I felt extremely connected to the cards and felt moved and guided by the messages that emerged. I felt supported and delighted with the messages in response to my question - “what is coming up for me – my direction”. It was pleasantly warm and I just felt like closing my eyes, feeling really encouraged and in a meditative, relaxed mood.

Immediately after I closed my eyes, I saw an image of me riding on the back of a large white bird. I looked closer and saw it was a huge white swan speeding thru the air. I was sitting at the space where the neck and body come together in an upright position. In my hands was a rope that was connected to its beak (like a bridle on a horse). I noticed I was attempting to pull back and slow the darned bird down, but it was intent on the fast pace it was traveling and was paying no mind to my attempt to change its speed. I pulled. No response from the bird whatsoever. It ignored my futile attempts to slow it down. Then I realized I had 2 choices, lean down against its neck and hang on tight for the ride OR sit up straight and be swept back by the current and momentum. I was aware that swept back did not mean knocked off entirely because I could see my feet were firmly tied/connected together with a rope as my legs dangled under the birds neck. I was anchored in the position of riding along in flight with this bird – one way or another.

The knowing of this imagery transmission popped in:

You are on a flight of soaring heights. You attempt to slow it down yet are unsuccessful. Your efforts to restrain the momentum of the birds focus and determination are useless. You have 2 choices – connect and hang on for the ride (even though it may feel fast and out of your control and a bit uncomfortable) OR be swept backward in resistance yet not released from the journey as you lay on your back and flail about, making the journey considerably unpleasant). The choice is yours. One will be exciting and a bit unsettling (just hang on for the ride because you are moving forward at a speedy pace), and the other will still proceed at the same fast pace, you will be unable to dismount, and will struggle against the direction you are headed. You are going one way or another. It’s just your choice how you experience it.

I open my eyes. WOW! This imagery literally popped in. I didn’t set an intention for my meditation or even really intend to “meditate” per se. I just closed my eyes immediately after absorbing and reading my wonderful card spread.

This kind of imagery without effort happens to me ALL THE TIME. THIS is what happens when I close my eyes with the intent to do a reading with YOU. Imagery starts popping in, I hear words in my minds ear, and I just know what they mean. I can’t describe how I do….. I just do.

I’ve been doing this for a very long time on a personal level, not really paying much attention. I honestly thought everyone saw images and went on journeys like this when they closed their eyes. When I stepped into sharing this as my practice and a service, I realized I’ve been given this ability to connect with an individual and see images, colors, sentences (much like metaphors or a waking dream state) and interpret them. The energy and imagery just presents itself.

For me, it’s as easy as breathing. It just happens.

I realize I’ve been playing small, not willing to offer my service fully in a meaningful way to more than a few individuals (who randomly find me). Apparently that is the resistant way and the method to confusion. When I read for individuals I feel the most aligned and purposeful, like this IS my life. My heart soars and I feel the high vibration.

So in the spirit of this magical transmission, I’m claiming out loud – this is what I do! It’s really easy and I’m really good at it. I’m choosing to fly along with the speed of the swan! On the wings of the swan’s message – I offer my ability to read energy to those who are ready to see the reflection of themselves, and are READY to invite transformation. You will know instantly if what I have written resonates with you and may feel a gentle pull (or maybe a YES!) toward me. When that happens – I invite you to ride the swan, follow your intuition to reach out and book a session of self-discovery. Your life changes the moment you step into the willingness to look at yourself and claim a space of support that is entirely focused on you.

Allow me to share the images that come forth for each and every one of you. I have created a special energetic space and welcome you with open arms. I hope to connect with you soon!

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