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Problem, problem, do I dare? Strive I shall to be aware.

I absolutely love those journal days when information just seems to flow to and thru me! 2 days ago I pondered this -------- if we remain focused on the problem, we cannot access the wisdom of the solution and we cannot access the WISDOM of what the situation offers. We CAN feel the wisdom thru our hearts when we connect with the intent of awareness.

Here's the unedited version of the response to my "problem focus" pondering.

Could it be that we set everything up for the sole purpose of growth? (oh…. I see it, pun intended – sole purpose/Soul purpose) Our Soul is part of the Divine and we are here as part of our Divine expansion. Noticing what we set up, the pain we experience and where the experience of that pain leads us. There is a door, opening to a space of expansiveness when we are willing to look at the pain we have set up not as a burden but as a source of understanding and insight. There is always a gift within each and every painful experience that leads us to expansion of ourselves. We do that thru direct communication and connection to our Soul thru our heart. When we seek to communicate with the language of love which is truly the vibration of the heart in its purest form, we rise up thru the space of the heart into the connection of the Soul, where all guidance and understanding flows. Note that understanding flows thru the heart differently than thru the mind. The mind must sort thru pictures and seeks to understand, to make sense of, and to figure out. The heart does not. The understanding simply arrives there because the Soul has placed that expression of understanding there in an accessible space, away from the static of the mind.

We do set everything up for our Soul’s purpose of growth. Every single thing, finely orchestrated for our Soul growth and benefit. Perhaps there is the Divine connection that always keeps us pure and vibrationally sourced and we express ourselves thru our bodies while keeping the space open to that Divinity thru our Soul essence and the vibration of that connection. This is why we must turn to the connection of the space of the heart. To tap into the space of the communication w/ our Soul and the essence of our Divinity.

I understand that pain and the experience of pain separates us from feeling our Soul’s direction yet at the very same time points us to the greater expansion of our Soul when we recognize and step into it. Pain is created for the purpose of our recognition of and growth thru.

So every worry, every argument, every upset, every broken heart (the heart is never really broken), every physical pain, every mental anguish, every treadmill of thought is there for our growth. Our willingness to see and experience the wisdom of its appearance sets us free, free to absorb the wisdom and the understanding that is being presented thru the experience for the express intent of our growth, understanding, Divine connection and expansion. Nothing more. Simple. Always moving toward expansion. It hurts when we refuse to acknowledge this truth.


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