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Listen to hear

Today…. I reflect on what I do as an energy worker.

I create a space for individuals to relax, to step out of their current life space for a bit and open the door to a connection with themselves. Many have forgotten what that connection feels like. They feel a sense of longing, searching for their purpose or their path or feeling blocked or like something is missing. They find me when they’re in a space of readiness to find themselves, to find the part of them that feels authentic and to listen to the deep within. Similar to a switch that gets flipped on, I notice there’s this movement toward discovery. It may emerge from confusion or frustration or longing. It’s like this calling that brings them forward and says “I’m ready now”. They want to explore the deep space beyond the daily mind to where their true inspired guidance lives. They know there is something more, they can feel it, and they want support to find it.

I listen as we sit together in a space of relaxation and safety to access the place where insight resides. We listen together. Words spill out and there is space for the speaker to really hear and feel their words. The magical part about this work is that by amping up self-listening skills, we access the most profound knowing and insight coming up thru our body and out thru our words. We just need to pay attention.

I truly believe everyone wants someone to listen, just listen. Not to offer advice, or fix, or help, or really DO anything, just listen. Within that silence of listening we enter into this space, this space where we can hear, feel and find the wisdom within.

Open the door, step in, and find yourself in the wisdom of your heart, your body and your words.


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