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My super helpful personal assistant

I have a personal assistant playfully known as MAMB. That’s right, I hired an assistant that works only for me and with me. Well, maybe not hired, but saying that gets me past the entrance of my mind that says "that's too easy". MAMB is my Magical Attractor Magnetic Ball that I discovered in meditation today. You see, I’ve been putting a lot of pressure on myself in the form of “need to” and “should do” and I had had enough. I was taking a break from all of it! While in meditation, with really no particular intent other than to quiet my mind (I know... all the good stuff comes when I quiet that monkey mind that chatters and plans incessantly) the words and the imagery of my magical attractor magnetic ball came in. That’s it! I was literally thinking about how nice it would be to just order up whatever I want from the Universe, just put it out there and then sit back and let it come to me. No efforting, no worry, no trouble. Now I don’t mean zero action, I just mean not working at it or thinking about it, just doing something when I feel inspired. Just let my MAMB take care of the details. I'm telling you, I literally felt a sense of relief, a release in my body, and a magical feeling of letting it go.

Yes, I've heard and read about doing this kind of thing. Many, many times in fact. What I most find delightful and fascinating, even though I'm aware of this, is how the image and words simply popped into my mind, almost like they were in a vault waiting for the moment when I was most open to seeing/hearing.

I understand MAMB kinda like this…..

Ever been in a restaurant with someone that couldn’t make up their mind about what they wanted to eat? They take forever and can’t make a decision because there are so many choices. Maybe they’re having trouble because all the choices look overwhelming or none of the choices look appealing or the menu is unfamiliar. When you step back and think about it, how can the server ever take their order or the chef prepare it for them to enjoy if they can’t or don’t make a choice?

The “I don’t know” keeps you stuck in the unknown and nothing happens. It keeps you in the dark and keeps you from accessing the help of MAMB. I guess that’s fine if you’re not really hungry ;)

So I get clear with myself. My MAMB really needs me to sort thru some questions before it can get to work - what do you want? when do you want it? how would you like it to be? where do you want to do it? etc. Similar to making a menu choice in a restaurant, I need to get clear on what I’m in the mood for (and not) and figure out what I would like – so the chef of the Universe can accommodate my wishes.

I remind myself – this is easy, give it to MAMB.

So are you willing to have fun with it and play with this simple technique? All you have to do is use your imagination, get clear on what you want and then open to the experience of how it turns out.


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