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Let it go and let it flow - release resentment and dis-empowerment

In the spirit of balance, I notice there are those who have entered my life and brought contrast, showed me emotions I didn’t know I had, or awakened an awareness of….. this doesn’t feel good! You helped create those times when emotion caught me so quick, hard and fierce, (especially coming from those I cared for who are now foreign and distant) residing in the past, filed way as an experience I once had – no more, no less.

You have a place in my heart. A place of awareness, a place of change, a place of letting go and a place of becoming richer for having had the experience with you. You lit up what wasn’t working for me, when I couldn’t see or claim it for myself. You provided me with a little push to move on (sometimes a BIG push when I didn’t want to go). Yup I admit, I couldn’t see it. I ignored the little irritations, the obvious disdain, and the odd behavior. I see now how that behavior was an attempt to get me to listen via body language and yes…. I chose to ignore it. I take responsibility that.

I understand all experiences are for our benefit. Those that lift you up and those that seem to crush your spirit. There is no spirit crushing. It’s merely you telling you “this doesn’t work for me” and “now what are you gunna do about it?” The perceived spirit crushing is just your perception. If you can stand back in a moment of clarity, perhaps you see yourself looking square on at a choice you should have made long ago - and didn't.

Keeping the past alive, regurgitating those painful experiences leads you on a path to more of the same. Do you really want that? Release the past and allow it to take its proper place on a virtual bookshelf or cabinet filed away under “experiences that helped me grow”. Better yet…. why not gather those growth experiences residing in your mind, give them life on paper (let all the words flow out thru your hand) and then burn them in a moment of release and let them go.

When you approach life experiences from this perspective, the rush of negative emotion has an outlet and an ability to flow thru your life. Don’t build a dam of resentment or revenge or dis-empowerment to keep you connected to it and stuck.

Let it flow and let it go.

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