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Supercharge your power of choice

I get my best downloads while I garden! As I was snipping and pulling and weeding a question popped in. This question felt like it was responding to my asking the night before “what do I write about?” And the question was ---- Is this the life you chose? Or the life you have? I immediately stopped what I was doing and headed inside to record what was coming thru.

More questions flooded in ----- if you chose, did you choose thru you or thru others? Were your choices placed there (molded or imprinted) by others? Do you know the difference? Have you ever really asked the question – is this my choice, is this really MY choice?

This comes thru as I type……

It’s OK if the answer to the last question is “I don’t know”. It’s OK. You may not be aware of others choices that mask as your own until you take a look and ask the question with the intention of receiving the answer. All you have to do is ask. Relax. You may not get the answer instantly. It may pop in while showering or driving or cooking or gardening or meditating or … (any of those times when the mind is relaxed).

Perhaps you notice you don’t have as much of your own choice as you thought, and you see where your day is filled with must do’s, have to’s and should do’s. It’s OK. Just notice. The greatest gift you can give yourself is to be in awareness and notice. Just by noticing, things begin to shift.

Here’s an extremely powerful technique you can use to invite the awareness of choice in and learn to line up with it energetically (which, by the way, is how everything finds its way to you).

So go ahead and take a moment to choose something very simple, a very simple choice. Maybe it’s the direction you brush your teeth, or the order you make breakfast, or how many blankets you want on your bed, or what PJs you want to wear (or not) or what flavor of coffee you want today. The key is to show yourself these very simple choices, be in a place of awareness as you make them and remind yourself – I choose this (literally say it to yourself in your mind and take 2-3 seconds to absorb that decision, reminding yourself that this choice is yours) Remember…. the key point is you’re in awareness of you choosing. That’s it. Notice how many simple choices you make in a day. Notice when you are doing the choosing and start to invite the awareness of others choices that kinda look like your own. Just notice.

You are training your body to line up with choices that you make and feel good to you. By lining up energetically, you are reminding yourself of your power of choice and showing yourself how it’s done. And chances are, you will gradually find yourself building on those simple choices into larger and larger ones. Because your body/energy system now knows what choice feels like, it will simply say “I know what this is and how to do it – OK, fine with me”. The benefit is you will begin to recognize your own choices, your power of choice, and will feel the disconnect when you are not lining up with your innate ability to choose. It just won’t feel good anymore to operate that way.

Sometimes you have to sneak in thru the back door and create simple suggestion so your overactive thinking mind doesn’t notice. Don’t tell it I told you, it’s our secret ;)

You can literally picture in your mind a back door, an entrance that your daily thought driven mind has no awareness of. It’s a secret. Go ahead…. play with it now. Relax, close your eyes, and invite the image of a back door in your mind. Notice the size, the color, the texture, the material. Just stand at that back door for a moment and observe it. Then notice the door knob (or the absence of one). What color, temperature, texture, size is it? Invite yourself to take a step toward the door and allow yourself to reach out for the knob (or create a knob or way of entering if it’s not there). In the moment of reaching for the knob, check in briefly with your body and your emotions. Are you reaching with ease, or does your hand want to hold back? Do you have to convince yourself to reach out? What do you feel emotionally? Excited, curious, sad, anxious, pensive, nonchalant or? What do you feel in your body and where do you feel it? Softness, warmth, tension, tingles? Just notice. Simply notice, and settle into the power of your ability to notice. Take a moment to breathe….. and then make the choice to open and move thru the door. Claim it. Once inside the door, simply allow yourself to be and to observe how you feel in your body and your emotions. It’s just a matter of being present with the awareness of yourself inside the back door to your mind. Give yourself a few moments in that space. Then, when you’re ready, make a choice to turn around and exit thru the door once again, closing the door behind you. Notice if you walk softly, or with urgency. Do you feel like you gotta get out of there or want to linger longer? Do you move with ease or find it difficult to move? Just notice. And as you invite yourself to close the door, notice how your body feels as you do so and then once again, check in with your emotions – are you feeling relief, confused, angry, content or? Whatever the emotion, just notice.

Then breathe yourself back into present time in the room, open your eyes, and go about your day. That’s it! Let it go and know that you have just done powerful energy work for yourself and created a solid foundation for choice. Enjoy.


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