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Worry = counterproductive imagination

I'm pondering the subject of imagination and the quote "your imagination is the creator". And this popped in.... do we realize that worry is unproductive/ counterproductive imagination? Do we realize how much energy we habitually allow to flow in the reverse of what we want? Are we even willing to be aware of it?

Worry is placing "what if" negative imagined focus on the future. Often individuals justify worry by assuming this will prepare them for the/in the event of a perceived misfortune. I pose this question --- wouldn't it be more productive to imagine and prepare to receive the best and the wanted instead of the worst and unwanted? Why do we do that anyway? It doesn't make sense when we really look deeper at it. Why would we want to focus on something that we don't want and keep it active in our minds with worry, fretting about it? Is it possible that this is simply a learned, habitual behavior? And if so, is it possible to consciously refocus our thoughts thru the use of imagination to change the habitual behavior?

From my perspective, the answer is YES! Worry is a habit and with directed choice, can be redirected. We just have to be willing to be AWARE of the habit and be willing to dedicate EFFORT toward change. And we must be willing to invite the belief that change is possible. Often individuals must take a look at their beliefs and sort thru what might hold them back first. The words "this is just who I am or you know me" simply indicate acceptance of what currently is. Often those individuals are comfortable in their habitual response (words, thinking, action) and believe this or that is just the way they are. What if that's not true at all? What if they LEARNED it and can replace it (kind of like rewiring a home to transmit electricity more efficiently) What if we invite this perspective - within a habit is a choice and......we are free make another choice. In doing so, we open to the awareness that every now moment is a choice point of creation, accessed thru awareness. There's so much POWER in that awareness!!

Worry zaps your creative energy and keeps you in the arena of dismal potentiality. Why not focus on pure potentiality that serves you by activating your imagination to focus in the direction of what IS desired?

So ask yourself - are you renewing the past or creating a less than desired future with your thoughts and focus? Are you imagining the worst case scenario? Are you open to the potentiality of choosing what you bring into your now moment as you learn to embrace your ability to IMAGINE a different outcome? Yes!!! This is done in the safety of ones own imagination, teaching the body what NEW responses feel like while creating new neural pathways that overwrite existing habitual thoughts/responses. (I know this sounds all science/techy but this is the guidance I received)

Imagine the freedom you will feel when you activate your imagination in a playful way and create the freedom, direction, and life experience you so deeply desire. Pure potentiality awaits!

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29 de set. de 2020

Great to see you blogging again.

I can imagine us having a very long conversation about your blog. Keep up your stimulating and thought provoking work:)

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